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Hi everybody, I would like to say a huge sorry for everyone who's added me lately, it's been a long time since my last login. (a really really loooong time)

Trying to catch up with things. Is LJ still a big thing or does everyone uses tumblr nowadays?



sincerely, I totally forgot about this last week. SORRY I fail as a internet freak XD


I envy so much Tsuyo's exclusiveness... who doesn't? Seriously, I don't know how does he get those stuffs. What about his pants?
* BIG linear sweat pants w/ logo (by adidas)
price: 7245yen
link: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/sunkawa/691897/806152/

I have record of him wearing the blue-red version maybe once on Shindoi, but the red version was totally in for him, back in 2007. XD Curiously.. guess what? It seems they don't sell the red version.
For ALL websites I checked, there's no red.

And finally... The lovely endli touch.


He was able to print "CHERI" in the back, white, to match with the stripes, and then stamped some silver triangles on it, with sequins sewed later.
Still, I don't know if he's that good with fashion designs to do all by himself...XD or is he? I believe he asked someone to do it for him..

But then we can't forget a scene from his latest dvd: in the backstages, he was personalizing his own cap ^^ !
The result was pretty cool, uh?

* pink nylon jacket (by Tass Standard)
price: 11760yen
link: http://www.and-alter.com/product/698

From Fineboys Oct 2008 photoshoot. It's transparent! XD

* polo t-shirt with stripes (by Franklin & Marshall)
price: 12000yen (average)
link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/zodiac/10011118/

Couldn't find the same color, unfortunelly, cos Tsuyo's from an old collection already T_T This is the t-shirt model he wore in a oooold photoshoot for that dog magazine, remember?

Franklin&Marshall originated from the wish to preserve symbols of the past,reviving them with the same discernment but with different eyes.Vintage is a luxury whose worth originates from the fact that it resists being swept away by the fashion tidal wave.It's for this reason that every garment acquires individual value,it's adopted by young people and combined with personal life experiences.It remains at least for a generation.F&M, through research,enthusiasm and great attention to raw materials have created a totally Italian product,a strong contrast between the melancholy past and the modern present day.

source: Brandbible

* ADH1820 CANDY watch (by adidas)
price: 8400yen
link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/auc-friendship/0325wa-52

Tsuyoshi has two models, The red one (used a lot) and the blue one. ^^

The following two items weren't used by Tsuyo, it's just somehow.. his style ^_^

* tote bag (by GO HEMP x aldies)
price: 11000yen
link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/zodiac/10013481

The inside is great! I think it's a lovely bag for both boys and girls!

* Authentic - yellow type (by Vans)
price: 5300yen
link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/zodiac/10014115

This is so cool, man. XD
Tsuyoshi used a SIMILAR one on last week's Shindoi, but not the same.
I wasn't able to find out which brand was his. It's pretty similar to Vans' authentics, but this one has a stripe also of the color yellow, instead black (as Tsuyoshi's).


By the way, I would like to ask you something:
What do you think about the new 'phase' of Tsuyoshi and his clothing now?
It seems it's just black and white, simple but complete.
My friends say it is like "oh he's getting old, he couldn't be colorful gay forever", etc. But sometimes it feels like it missing... Idk. Maybe his real self wasn't colorful at all, uh...?
In other hand, this fashion 'change' is turning into something nicer, his clothes on DK and Shindoi are becoming more...easy-to-wear.. Good for the fanboys! XD

Well, that's all!! ^_^


It's time again for another TSUTYLE review!! Last week I wasn't home during the weekend so I couldn't upload ;_; but it's back!! lol
This week was Tsuyoshi san's birthday!! HAPPY BDAY TSU!! ^_^


And here it is... Ladies and gentlemen, The one, the only... The blue fur hat.

* blue fur hat (by Ca4La, also known as KaShiRa)
link: http://www.ca4la.com/
price: 7,000yen (average)
(sold out - seriously?! -,from 2006 winter collection)

Would.....would................would you wear it? XD

* border band (by Ca4La)
link: http://www.ca4la.com/ec/detail.php?id=1669
price: 3990yen
(Tsuyoshi's exact model is already sold out, since he started wearing it last year)


* bop gun pink (by MIFUNE)
link: http://www.parco-city.com/...
price: 15750yen
(still up on the site, but all sizes are.... sold out. everybody: ORLY?? XD)

Don't you love what Tsuyoshi did with this item?! He tool almost half of the pink fur out with the buttons and....sewed a sankaku face! But.. Wait... Does Tsuyoshi sews? I can picture him doing that, though. XD

*ALPINA M1 vintage sunglasses (by ALPINA)

link: http://www.vintage-sunglasses.jp/eyewear_Alpina-M1_display_3340.html
price: 40365yen (almost ...US$400!!!)

The design is from Germany.

* floral pants (by Brian Lichtenberg)

link: www.brianlichtenberg.com/
price: US$110 (average)

Brian Lichtenberg is a famous brand used by artists like Christina Aguilera, Kate Perry, M.I.A. and other people.
Curiously, there's also a womens jumper with the same pattern here . Cute!

* orange patterned parka (by WeSC)
link: http://www.wesc.co.uk/
price: US$117 (average)

The collection is from 2007.

* Vans Vault Era - Joel Tudor (by VANS)
link: http://vault.vans.com/
price: US$75 (average)

Vans Shoes was founded by Paul Van Doren back in 1966 with the simple idea of selling his Vans Shoes directly to the public instead of going through an agent or middle man. The first Vans Shoes stores opened in Anaheim, South California on March 15th, 1966. At this time there were only 3 styles of Vans Shoes to choose from. [...] In 1976 the newly emerging cult of skateboarders chose Vans Shoes to wear while doing their pastime and these skaters asked to have different colours combined on the one shoe. Vans shoes delivered with the first Vans Era in the authentic red and blue designed by cult skate boarders Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. The skateboarding craze spread like wild fire and with it so did the popularity of Vans Shoes. Today Vans has over 60 styles of shoes in its range, from the classic Vans Era and Vans Slip on to high performance skateboard shoes As well as an ever growing range of Vans T-Shirts and clothing.

source: Urban Industry

From the same collection, there are two more editions:

(Found those last year here in Brazil, at Vans store in Sao Paulo. Quite a surprise, just TODAY that I realized Tsuyoshi was wearing the same at 2007's fineboys essay. lol My friend bought it... now I want. At that time, instead, I bought
this one XD)

Well, this is all for now!!
I hope you enjoy reading it!!
See you next week! ^^



March's final issue ^^


* good music SOULS pants (by SOULSmania)
link: http://soulsmania.com/newarrival/new10.html
price: 9345yen

SOULSmania is a famous brand among funk and soul admirers in Japan. All logos and models are usually based in late 70's black culture.
The item Tsuyoshi is wearing are the sweater pants from last year collection. It's written "GOOD MUSIC" in the butt. XD
The remake for this year's collection is a little bid different, with different colors, but the idea is pretty much the same.
If I had money, I would buy one too XD

* stripes jacket (by adidas)
link: http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k112102037
price: 33000yen

Damn I hate old clothes cos they're always out of the official sites, then there's only auctions left to get them -_- Anyway, this jacket is a classic, isn't? So cute! But so expensive...

* classic vintage 3 leaf logo t-shirt (by adidas)
link: -
price: 14000yen (average)

You might think "Oh. that usual t-shirt. that's so... common."
But behind every single model, there is always a story to tell.

A curious fact is that Run DMC started to use the 3 leafs logo adidas back in 1980's, since then, it became a classic!
It was because of Run DMC that adidas is today famous as it is. The rapper also turned popular their sneakers!
This is a classic 80's vintage golden-metalic model that was reissued back in 2007.

* Tref Tee ObyO (by adidas originals by originals)
link: http://www.styles-ad.jp/
price: 4095yen

another important point is that "adidas Originals" is the reissued models of adidas when they were using the "trefoil" as their logo from 1972-1996.

If I had to pick the greatest store in this world... it would be Styles (linked up there).
This is the most amazing store ever. They love adidas so much, and you find unique things over there.
By the way, if i'm not wrong, Tsuyoshi has been there also, in one of his Shindoi's. If you have time, check their homepage, it's pretty nice!!

* Skull Funk t-shir (by BEAMSSouls)
link: http://www.moderntimes-co.net/SHOP/m2914.html
price: 4410yen

Used on Gekkan Kaze to Rock photoshoot back in 2007.
It's interesting to see how Tsuyoshi also tries to express himself not only through music, but also through his clothes, that's a fact. XD


* MOTOWN Block T-Shirt
link: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/RETRO-T-SHIRT-motown
price: US$15 (average)

Unfortunely I couldn't find exactly the same model, I believe Tsuyoshi made this one by himself using silkscreen (we all know he loves to make his own t-shirts and tanktops)

Motown Records is a famous label of Funk, Hip Hop and Soul music.
It is REALLY famous. That label was responsable of big names like Michael Jackson, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder and others.
This year, they're celebrating their 50th anniversary!
and to start a good week, found these ones a couple of days ago (not tsuyoshi related, though):

* Nike Terminator Premium QS
link: http://cgi.ebay.com/Nike-Wmns-Terminator-High-Premium-QS
price: US$130 (average)

What do you think of it? Would you wear it?
It has a funky aura... lol

The Nike Terminator was the first real attempt that Nike had into the basketball world. When Michael Jordan first signed the now legendary Nike shoe deal back in 1985 Jordan first wore the Nike Terminator and then came out with the Air Jordan 1, which borrowed a lot of elements from the Nike Terminator.

Since then the Nike Terminator has taken on many different variations and editions.

source: Sneaker Files

Well, this is it! Did you like it? (am I doing right? XD lol) ^^
See you all next sunday!!


Hello everybody :DDDD

As most people of my f-list might know... I'm a biased fashion whore..! lol...
Since I've started to pay attention to Tsuyoshi, what caught my interest since the begining was obviously his fashion sense. (we don't even have to list music, right?)

Because of that, I decided to start a fashion (what? lol) column about clothes related to what's new, colorful, vintage or... japanese! Anyway, tsutyle things!
I hope you gals get interested on it, cos i'm just doing it for my own pleasure, but others might like it too, idk...XD well.. here we go!


* tights (by aldies)
price: 7245yen
link: http://aldies.shop-pro.jp/?pid=11977317

* space cap (by aldies)
price: 5985yen
link: http://aldies.shop-pro.jp/?pid=9427763

Tsuyoshi wore both on different Domoto Kyoudai episodes before. I can't tell which because my brain means fail and I don't remember the date. XD but whatever. I specially love the space cap, it reminds so much his "uchuujin ni aitai" fineboys column, doesn't?!

* rucksack (by aldies)

price: -
link: -

Found out! It's also aldies!
Did anybody also noticed that Tsuyoshi have been using that backpack recently? It's an aldies 2007 model! If you've seen the endlicheri dvd, it appears also on the documentary, when he travels around one of the cities..!

They said on aldies blog that after last week's Shindoi (ok, not Shindoi, but a 'wednesday's night tv show... lol') many people went to aldies stores to request it, but since it's a 2007 model, it's sold out and they couldn't do anything about it. I saw someone selling it on mixi for a high price just because it was Tsuyo's model. XD Anyway, it's never too late to find it on yahoo auctions, I believe!!

* honey mid sneakers (by adidas)
RELEASE DATE: 15 April, 2009
price: US$60 (average)
link: http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/originalsss2009/content/#/catalog/931394

Lovely sneakers from newest adidas collection!! It isn't out yet..! (no, he didn't wear this ones..!)

And finally, another shot to the yellow trends... :

* 1980's vintage firebird jersey (by adidas)
price: US$150 (average)
link: http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h67491139
(just a auction link cos I wasn't able to find any shop selling it anymore and adidas site doesn't seems to have it either)
still, it was released again in 2008.

* shutter shades classic glasses (by shutter shades)
price: it variates, since we have fake and original ones all around... The originals are around US$15, fakes: US$3
link: http://shuttershadesonline.com/
I think everything started with Kanye West... lol

Tsuyoshi wore both up there it for the Sept 2008's fineboys photoshoot.

Well, that's all for now!
See you next sunday! I hope you enjoyed reading this XD


i love his shirts.

puzzles puzzles!!
You all might be already used to when Johnnys like to make puzzles, especially involving kanji meanings or number readings, right? :DDDD

this time, on the t-shirt:



- "on" reading : FU - (one of) "kun" reading: KUSA~ - can mean : ROT
"on" reading : AN - (one of) "kun" reading: KURA~ - can mean : DARKNESS
- "on" reading : KU - (one of) "kun" reading: KURU~ - can mean : WORRY
- "on" reading : SHOU, SEI - (one of) "kun" reading: HOSHI - can mean: STAR


腐暗苦星 = ファンク・スター = FUNK STAR

loved that one! i wanna make a t-shirt like that too ^^