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26 April 2009 @ 08:01 pm
sincerely, I totally forgot about this last week. SORRY I fail as a internet freak XD


I envy so much Tsuyo's exclusiveness... who doesn't? Seriously, I don't know how does he get those stuffs. What about his pants?
* BIG linear sweat pants w/ logo (by adidas)
price: 7245yen
link: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/sunkawa/691897/806152/

I have record of him wearing the blue-red version maybe once on Shindoi, but the red version was totally in for him, back in 2007. XD Curiously.. guess what? It seems they don't sell the red version.
For ALL websites I checked, there's no red.

And finally... The lovely endli touch.


He was able to print "CHERI" in the back, white, to match with the stripes, and then stamped some silver triangles on it, with sequins sewed later.
Still, I don't know if he's that good with fashion designs to do all by himself...XD or is he? I believe he asked someone to do it for him..

But then we can't forget a scene from his latest dvd: in the backstages, he was personalizing his own cap ^^ !
The result was pretty cool, uh?

* pink nylon jacket (by Tass Standard)
price: 11760yen
link: http://www.and-alter.com/product/698

From Fineboys Oct 2008 photoshoot. It's transparent! XD

* polo t-shirt with stripes (by Franklin & Marshall)
price: 12000yen (average)
link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/zodiac/10011118/

Couldn't find the same color, unfortunelly, cos Tsuyo's from an old collection already T_T This is the t-shirt model he wore in a oooold photoshoot for that dog magazine, remember?

Franklin&Marshall originated from the wish to preserve symbols of the past,reviving them with the same discernment but with different eyes.Vintage is a luxury whose worth originates from the fact that it resists being swept away by the fashion tidal wave.It's for this reason that every garment acquires individual value,it's adopted by young people and combined with personal life experiences.It remains at least for a generation.F&M, through research,enthusiasm and great attention to raw materials have created a totally Italian product,a strong contrast between the melancholy past and the modern present day.

source: Brandbible

* ADH1820 CANDY watch (by adidas)
price: 8400yen
link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/auc-friendship/0325wa-52

Tsuyoshi has two models, The red one (used a lot) and the blue one. ^^

The following two items weren't used by Tsuyo, it's just somehow.. his style ^_^

* tote bag (by GO HEMP x aldies)
price: 11000yen
link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/zodiac/10013481

The inside is great! I think it's a lovely bag for both boys and girls!

* Authentic - yellow type (by Vans)
price: 5300yen
link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/zodiac/10014115

This is so cool, man. XD
Tsuyoshi used a SIMILAR one on last week's Shindoi, but not the same.
I wasn't able to find out which brand was his. It's pretty similar to Vans' authentics, but this one has a stripe also of the color yellow, instead black (as Tsuyoshi's).


By the way, I would like to ask you something:
What do you think about the new 'phase' of Tsuyoshi and his clothing now?
It seems it's just black and white, simple but complete.
My friends say it is like "oh he's getting old, he couldn't be colorful gay forever", etc. But sometimes it feels like it missing... Idk. Maybe his real self wasn't colorful at all, uh...?
In other hand, this fashion 'change' is turning into something nicer, his clothes on DK and Shindoi are becoming more...easy-to-wear.. Good for the fanboys! XD

Well, that's all!! ^_^
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Korrumkorrrum on April 27th, 2009 04:26 pm (UTC)
I don't think that Tsuyoshi wears colourful clothes just for the sake of them being colourful. He has his own style. If he thinks that pink pants and blue tshirt go well together he will wear them. But if he thinks that black pants and white tank top go well together he will wear them too. Now he's just going through a phase where he prefers more mature clothes. It isn't entirely uncommon for him to wear black clothes so I don't think that it's because he's getting older. He looks good in whatever he wears so I don't think too much about it.

I just realised that it's hard to capture Tsuyoshi's style because mixes together so many of them. He could easily wear any piece of clothing there is but the way he combines and personalizes them makes his style unique and hard to mimic. Ofcourse it's easy if you wear exactly the same clothes as he does but that would be boring. :p

Those watches are so cute. ^^
And I want those sweatpants.

I love everything he wears but I just can't bring myself to understand his hats. They all are beyond my comprehension. xD

Thank for the review, as always.